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HK ‘High Crimes’ Graffiti

Welcome agents.

Below is a series of graffiti posters that I have produced for anyone interested in wheat pasting around your city, town or wherever. Just right-click the image to download.

These were made 11″x 17″ 300dpi for printing at a copy shop. And they are meant to be cut out after printing (so the white area around the person is removed – see example below).

You can visit Destructables for wheat paste recipe and other tips.

Good luck, stay safe and happy hunting – (╯°□°)╯

Example of cut-out.
So it begins.

‘TYRAANT’ sticker design locked up. Maybe a few tweaks. Going rectangle. Looking at 3″ x 5″. Let me know if you are interested. Will post details on grabbing some on my site the next day or 2. Cheers. HK