June 29, 2019 headkick

ECHOLAB – New site is up

ECHOLAB specialises in producing Cinematic Sound and Audio Branding for Advertising, Film, Trailers Interactive and VR projects.

Based in Dublin, Ireland but mainly working on International projects for brands including…

Nike, Google, Apple, Guinness, CocaCola, Samsung, Nissan, Audi, Ericsson, Philips, Formula 1, Heineken, O2, Under Armour, MTV, Kelloggs, Intel, Sony, Mountain Dew, National Geographic, SyFy, NBC Universal … and many more

Echolab has put sound to pictures from Andre Stringer, Danny Yount, Neil Huxley, Patrick Clair, Man vs Machine, Shynola, Johnny Kelly, Simon Robson, GoldenWolf, Seth Epstein, Onur Senturk, Shane Griffin, Digital Domain, Digital Kitchen, Imaginary Forces, FutureDeluxe, Onesize, Shilo, Los York, BUCK, Sehsucht, Motion Theory, Kultnation, Psyop, We Are Royale, Troika, Capacity, Logan, Charlie Co, KORB, TaylorJames, PostPanic, JL Design, Thornberg&Forester, LoyalKaspar, PiranhaBar, Gretel, ImageNow, DixonBaxi, The Mill, Transistor etc. etc. etc.

ECHOLAB has been listed on the Motionographer.com ‘Cream Of The Crop’ Top 20 sound studios worldwide every year since 2008.

Established in 2001 by Gavin Little. In 2010, as the company grew, sound designer Joe McHugh joined the LAB along with a team of composers located across the globe.

Check ’em out here – ECHOLAB

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