MAC PRO 2009 OS Upgrade

So after much research and diligence, I have finally found the solution to my dilemma of my 2009 Mac Pro being obsolete. Let me back up a bit. Others here may find this useful. Otherwise, disregard.

I bought my Mac Pro tower in 2009, upgraded with tons of RAM, SSD HDs, dual monitors, 12 TB Raid array etc, etc.. All was going well until about 2017ish. No more OS upgrades, no support for native apps (hello Adobe). Logic, and all audio software and 3D – left to slowly whither.

I bought a MacBook Pro in 2015 (thank god) and have been able to keep up the OS, Adobe and other software updates and found that I could no longer port any creative to my Mac Pro. Super BUMMER. 

And… now back to the original post. 

I was able to track down a forum post with an awesome coder tagged dosdude1 (

After some digging and making sure I wasn’t giving over my machine to some soulless minions, I decided to download his patch to bring my machine from Mac OS El Capitan (which is the highest I could get on my machine) to Mojave, which is only one step behind Catalina. So I should be able to keep using my machine for quite a while. 

A few tips from taking on this project. 

Backup! I have 2 internal SSDs. 1 is my main system drive with the OS and apps etc.. and one for my WORK and several external drives. I was cautious and backed up everything to the external Raid (SLOWWWWW) but worth it. Then I re-formatted my WORK drive for the new OS. I did not fuck with my Main drive at all so that the OS and apps would still be intact in case I screwed this up with the Patch install. was shite.

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY AND DON”T SKIP ANYTHING! Dude has posted a step by step site and a video (link above and below, which is super straight forward). Just take your time and do it right. 

And.. so after installing the patch and the new Mojave OS, time to focus on the APPS. Since all of my apps couldn’t work in the new OS, I had to hit the online updates and push them to the new drive. Like I said – I did not fuck with my Main drive. All of older versions of software were still there. But now – kinda of cool – is I can go through all of them and see what to update or just ignore. CLEAN DRIVE is a NICE DRIVE> 

 Did a re-install of Adobe Creative Cloud to the new drive with the new OS from their app and BAM I was able to upgrade all of my Adobe apps (FREE) – ready to roll. Same thing with Logic Pro X – I had an old but registered version – but because of that I could update to the most recent for free. SUPER happy about that. 

This took about 2 days of updating and transferring, restarts and more back-ups. 

I hope some might find this useful. I was determined to not just give up on my workhorse Mac Pro. Quite a machine and now she is back to life. Never gonna give her up. 

My machine is running strong once again and it is a beautiful thing. 


  • Things I have noticed now that I have the new OS. I have Ableton Live (v8.0). Never liked the writing interface. But still has great sounds. Unfortunately, you can’t REWIRE from Logic because that version is 32 bit- not 64bit. Also, the newest version of REASON v11 doesn’t work with REWIRE either, yet. Just a heads up. Took many frustrating hours to track that shit down. Maybe a bit of help. 
  • Remember to sometimes blow out the crap that builds up inside your comp. Good can of air or 2 should do. 

Good luck and really hope this helps someone because it was quite a pain in the ass to get a straight answer to some of this. 

Update 2009 or other older Macs with new OS. DosDUDE has many other patches for other years and types of Macs. This was for mine. 



video instructions:


And if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me:

Best of luck all.